Clean & Green

The Clean Committee is focused on coordinating activities related to cleaning up the neighborhood, working with city agencies and neighboring civic organizations, and ensuring that all residents in the area have a chance to help make South Philadelphia a cleaner place to live.

The Green Committee works with residents, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, and other groups towards the goal of improving our open, green spaces for various uses including recreation, storm-water run-off mitigation, and beautification.  The committee also works to make sure our existing trees receive much needed care by educating property owners about issues such as pruning, mulching, and watering.

Both committees meet together once per month to organize activities around the neighborhood.  Meetings are free and open to all members, regardless of your ability to keep plants alive.

Planning & Zoning

The Planning & Zoining Committee is charged with hearing requests for zoning variances from neighborhood property owners, as well as creating and implementing a neighborhood comprehensive plan.

If you are planning to build a new structure or make modifications that require a variance to an existing structure, please contact the Planning & Zoning committee to schedule an appointment to review your request.  If you are a business owner interested in opening a new business or making changes to an existing business, you are welcome to bring your plans before the committee for feedback and a list of non-binding recommendations.

Town Watch

NNA's Town Watch Committee has completed the City Of Philadelphia's certified training program and is an officially recognized Town Watch.  If you'd like to participate in our Town Watch walks and help to identify trash-filled lots, graffiti, and other areas that need attention, let us know or check the calendar for the next walk.