2 Ways to Help Out for Earth Day

This Saturday, April 26th, we have 2 ways you can "Get your green on" to celebrate Earth Day. The weather is looking gorgeous so please come join us at these events.  We have free Newbold Neighbors t-shirts to give out to any volunteers (while supplies last).  Please see Jesse or Joe at either event and give them your shirt size and address.  



WHERE: Meeting at Stephen Girard Elementary School (18th and Passyunk)

WHEN: 9:30 AM

We will be planting trees in the Newbold, West Passyunk, and Girard Estate neighborhoods. Please invite friends, family, and neighbors - we will need the free labor.  Afterwards, we'll head over to the Tap Room on 19th (Ritner & 19th) for happy hour-priced beers and food. With enough people, we should be done in a few hours. 



WHERE: Courtyard of Childs Elementary (between 15th and 16th on Wharton)

WHEN: 10:00 AM

We are partnering with PHMC and will be pruning, picking up trash, and removing some vegetation around Childs Elementary. Afterwards we can join the tree planters at Tap Room on 19th.  We should be able to wrap up in about an hour or so.  


District 17 PSA 3 Update

Hi all,


Our 17th District PSA 3 meeting was held on Thursday and was run by Lt. Ritchie. Generally, most of the crime that occurs in PSA 3 occurs West of 18th Street, outside of the NNA boundaries. According to the official statistics, there were 10 burglaries and four robberies in Newbold's PSA 3 area. Two of the robberies did not involve a firearm (usually a knife or fake gun) and two did (which occurred on 1500 Morris and 1400 South 15th Street. There was also an incident that I think was coded as a robbery on 1500 Latona, where a guy smashed in a car window, the owner of the car came out of his house and took a picture, the guy took his phone and ran, and the owner of the car/phone ran after him and got his phone back. The police have a picture of the guy and have run it through the facial recognition database with no results. If you live near there, let me know if you'd like to take a look at the photo of the guy, since he's still at large. There were also a number of shootings that were given false addresses west of 18th and likely occurred elsewhere in the city.
There has still been a huge increase in robberies of cell phones north of Federal, but this phenomenon hasn't spread south of Washington. Usually a person is talking on their cell phone (iPhone 5's and equivalents) and a person rides by on a bike, grabs the cell phone, and rides away. Generally purses and wallets are not targets, only cell phones.
If anyone has any concerns that they would like to be brought to the attention of the police, let us know before the next meeting. They like to hear from the community and are usually pretty responsive with particular complaints.
Let us know if you have any questions.
-Miguel & Paul

Clean and Green March Meeting Update

Clean & Green Meeting
April 9th
We met at Julia Bringhurst's home.
Attendees: Clare, Emily, Joe, Julia, Himanchu, Anthony, Cassandra, Miguel, Jackie, Jeff & Jesse
City Wide Clean Up
General conscientious is that it was successful.
It was mentioned that it did not "feel" like a Newbold event.
One person said they would have preferred for Newbold to gather all of the materials for the clean up and have neighbors pick up materials at the garden. Everyone else was fine with gathering their own materials.
It was agreed that in the future we will provide an editable flyer on our website for people to download to hand out to their neighbors. It was also suggested that we have a 311 liaison (or liaisons) check in with each clean up block to report any issues. Emily & Clare volunteered to head up this initiative for the Fall clean up.
Tree planting
Saturday, April 26th @9am Bouvier Gardens
8 trees to plant
We'll ask everyone who is receiving a tree to help us plant it
Volunteers who help us plant 50% of the trees receive a free tshirt
Cassandra will donate the use of her truck and her driving skills to delivering the trees!
Child's School Earth Day Celebration
Saturday, April 26th @10am - 12Noon
Need volunteers to help plant, paint, prune, and clean around the school
Mural Arts Project
House next to ASB's patio - Jesse has reached out to the Mural Arts Project and will continue to work with the bar and the home owner to be a part of some art on the wall.
Neighborhood Walks
monthly walks that last approx one hour and cover a two street radius in our neighborhood from north to south. Primarily used as a social gathering, but also used to report any violations to 311 and keep neighbors eyes and ears on the street. We walked on 4/10, 8 people and two dogs participated. we were 2 blocks short of W. Passyunk, next time it needs to be a priority we make it all the way to our southern border. Next walk May 8th 7pm
Doggie friendly green space
We're partnering with SOS DOG on an initiative to secure green space for our neighborhood pooches, possibly at Chew. Julia is heading this initiative for us.
Green Space in Point Breeze
We are working with a variety of civic minded individuals to find green space in PB to propose to KJ. This will most likely be outside of Newbold's boundaries. Jeff and Himanchu are heading this initiative for us.
National Night Out Kickoff
We will volunteer to help clean up after the south division kickoff event on 8/4
Green, then Clean
Cassandra suggested we pick a block to beautify for the summer and see if it stays clean(er). The committee is seeking blocks we feel suitable and will choose one to plant low maintenance flower beds (possibly in tires) on. If you have a suggestion, let me know!
No dumping/No trash
I'm trying to find out from the streets department if we (the c&g committee) can spray paint no dumping signs on the sidewalk near the sewers.

General Meeting Tuesday April 22nd

    1. Call to Order/Introductions/Adoption of Agenda

    2. Officer Reports

    3. Committee Reports

      • Cleaning & Greening

        • Next meeting: May 5, email jesseleonard@newboldneighbors.org for location

        • Earth Day Celebration/Cleaning at G.W. Childs April 26tham - 2pm

      • Webmaster and Technology

        • Next Meeting: Coordinating with committees  

      • Public Safety

        • PSA Meetings: 5/20 (1st PPD PSA 1), 5/15 (17th PPD PSA 3), 5/22 (17th PPD PSA 1)

        • Lights on campaign

        • Block Captain meeting for the 17th District: Tuesday, May 13th @5:30 pm

        • 17th District Town Watch meeting: Thursday, May 8 @6:00 pm
      • Planning & Zoning
        • Next meeting:  May 13: Reed St. Presbyterian Apartments
        • Past results
      • Community Outreach
    4. New Business
      • Scioli Turco
      • Nextdoor
      • The Renegade Company -Michael Durkin
      • Open board positions
        • Education committee
        • Webmaster/Technology Committee
    5. Adjourn
    6. Post Meeting Meet and Greet - TBD
    Next General Meeting - Tuesday, May 27, 2014 – 6:30 PM
    Reed Street Presbyterian Apartments –16
    th and Reed


    Wine tour - May 10th

    Wine tour - May 10th, 2-6pm

    4 house, 8 types of wine and a free wine glass! 

    Get your tickets now! 



    Clean&Green Committee Meeting

    Please join us tomorrow at our monthly Clean and Green Committee meeting.  We will be discussing things such as improvements for future citywide cleanups, involvement with Childs' School garden, dog parks, green space and much more.

    When:  Wednesday, April 9th, 6:30 PM

    Where: at a private residence, email us for the address


    Then on Thursday, we will be conducting our first Town Watch/Beautification Walk in conjunction with our Public Safety Committee

    Who: All neighbors!

    When: THIS Thursday, April 10th, 7pm

    Where: The SW corner of Broad and Washington


    We will walk down Broad Street to West Passyunk Ave and back up 15th Street. Next month we'll cover 16th and 17th Street, etc. This walk should take approx. 1 hour.


    We'll use the Philly 311 app to report any violations we find.