New Technology Committee Co-chair: Jake Liefer

We would like to introduce our newest board member and co-chair of the Technology Committee, Jake Liefer.

Jake is an IT security consultant and has lived in the neighborhood with his wife and daughter for two years. Jake's interests are in open data to provide better information to residents in the community and connecting residents to Newbold Neighbors through social media and the website. Jake looks forward to advancing these goals at Newbold Neighbors and serving the community through his role as the technology co-chair.


Thanks for a successful Beer Tour!

The 2014 edition of the Newbold Neighbors Beer Tour took place this weekend and was a smashing success.  We raised over $1500 for our general fund and had a ton of fun doing it.  We would like to thank a couple people specifically for their help

- Thanks to all of the breweries who donated kegs for our event.  We had delicious, free beer from Weyerbacher, Philadelphia Brewing, Yards, and Ithaca.  

- Thanks to Federal Beer Distributor (and Madira owner) for specially ordering all the other beer and donating taps and ice.

- Thanks to Joe/Tricia, Ali/Josh, Misty/Kim, Paul/Kathy, Shannon/Jamal, and Jesse/Nicole for opening up their houses as hosts.  We appreciate the hospitality and the rooftop views.  

- Thanks to AJ Appliance and Romeo Pizza for coordinating and donating food.  Having a good base of carbohydrates goes a long way for a long night of drinking. 

- Thanks to the NNA Beautification Committee, for donating time and pumpkins to help identify the houses,  and NNA Beer Tour Committee, for organzing everything else. 

 - Thanks for David/Melanie for checking people in, moving people around, and selling 50/50 tickets. 

Be on the look out for a survey coming from Brown Paper Tickets.  We want your feedback so we can do even better next year.  


Hopefully, we'll see some of your new faces tonight at the General Meeting


PWD/PHS Rain Check Workshops

Lunchtime and Evening Workshops this Fall

Rain Check, the Philadelphia Water Department's residential stormwater management program managed by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, is pleased to announce the upcoming schedule of workshops this fall. The Rain Check program is part of Green City, Clean Waters, a 25-year plan to protect and enhance Philadelphia's waterways by managing stormwater with innovative green practices.

Attend an educational Rain Check workshop for Philadelphia residents and have a rain barrel installed for free. Learn why stormwater management is important and how it contributes to the health and beauty of the environment and surrounding community.

Workshops will be held at PHS (100 N. 20th Street, Philadelphia) the third Wednesday of every month, from 12 to 1 p.m., and the third Thursday of every month, 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Additional workshops will be scheduled throughout Philadelphia. To attend a workshop, register online here.

If you have question, contact PHS Information Services at or 215.988.1698.


SBSNA's Broad Street Clean Up

South Broad St. Neighborhood Association is holding a clean up on September 27, 2014 - They will remove debris and graffiti from the light poles on both sides of the street. We will begin on Broad St. between Mifflin and McKean Streets and work in both directions (north-south). We encourage the participation of all residents and businesses in this event.


Recycling Reminder: No Plastic Bags!

Philadelphia’s curbside recycling program participation is at an all time high, with recycling rates continuing to climb year over year. That is only possible through the dedicated recycling efforts of residents like you, helping to make our City greener and more sustainable. However, such high levels of recycling activity can sometimes lead to recycling mistakes. One of the biggest problems we face with keeping our recycling stream clean is PLASTIC BAGS. 

Many people assume (innocently enough) that plastic bags are recyclable in our curbside recycling program. Although this assumption is understandable, plastic bags are in fact NOT recyclable curbside. Plastic bags tear and wrap around the moving parts in recycling processing machines and systems, leading to increased maintenance costs, equipment damage, and even worker safety issues. 

So, Please ensure that plastic bags STAY OUT of your blue recycling container or bin. In order to safely recycle plastic bags return them to drop off locations at specially-marked recycling bins located at the front of most supermarkets, large grocery or big box stores (e.g. Walmart). For more information on proper plastic bag recycling visit: 

We need your help keeping Philadelphia’s recycling stream clean by making sure plastic bags stay OUT of your curbside recycling container or blue bin. And think about reducing your use of single-use plastic bags by using long-life reusable bags instead. 

Thank you for your continued recycling efforts, commitment to making Philadelphia a greener city, and your help at eliminating of plastic bags from our curbside recycling stream. 


Phil Bresee, Recycling Director
City of Philadelphia Recycling Office

2014 Beer Tour Tickets On Sale Now!

Beer tour tickets are now available! 6 houses and a whole lot of delicious local and craft beer and food. Tickets are $40 and there are a limited number available so get yours now.