Clean&Green Committee Meeting

Please join us tomorrow at our monthly Clean and Green Committee meeting.  We will be discussing things such as improvements for future citywide cleanups, involvement with Childs' School garden, dog parks, green space and much more.

When:  Wednesday, April 9th, 6:30 PM

Where: at a private residence, email us for the address


Then on Thursday, we will be conducting our first Town Watch/Beautification Walk in conjunction with our Public Safety Committee

Who: All neighbors!

When: THIS Thursday, April 10th, 7pm

Where: The SW corner of Broad and Washington


We will walk down Broad Street to West Passyunk Ave and back up 15th Street. Next month we'll cover 16th and 17th Street, etc. This walk should take approx. 1 hour.


We'll use the Philly 311 app to report any violations we find.



Thank You!

THANK YOU the numerous volunteers and organizers who helped us beautify Newbold this weekend


Because of you, we were able to clean 27 blocks in our neighborhood, that's approximately 1/3 of our neighborhood! 


Check out the photos to see all the great work you and your neighbors accomplished in just a few hours!


Great job Newbold! 

As the streets department says...Keep Up The Sweep Up!


If you weren't able to contribute to the neighborhood this weekend, but would like to, contact us! We'll do our best to get you a broom and some garbage bags for your block!


Neighborhood Liaison Training


Newbold Neighbors Association hosted a Neighborhood Liaison training on March 31st. Eight of our neighbors became Neighborhood Liaison's for 311!


The training gave our neighbors a valuable tool to immediately address various neighborhood quality of life concerns.

It provided them an in-depth look at how the 311 system works. They can now track the progress of their 311 ticket and it provides them access to 311 information the general public does not have.


Congratulations neighbors!


We're super excited about the additional community involvement and would love to see more.  If you are interested in the program email us or check out their website.  We can always schedule more training sessions if we have enough volunteers.




City Wide Spring Cleanup - April 5th 9:00am-2:00pm


What: The LARGEST urban cleanup in the country

When: Saturday, April 5th, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Where: Your block! Did you register? Check the map or send us an email if you still need to register

Why: A more beautiful neighborhood, tshirts, and booze



BroomSend us your block photos!

Post your before, during, and after block photos on our facebook page or email them to We'll put them up on the website so it's easy to see what an impact we're making with just a couple hours of our day!


Broom All Newbold Neighbor Clean Up Coordinators and volunteers qualify for a discounted NNA T-shirt! 

$5 will get you a brand new Newbold Neighbors Tshirt!

Email us by Friday, April 4th and let us know the size you want and we will drop off your tshirt so you can rep your neighborhood in style on cleanup day! 


BroomMy block is signed up! What now? 

If your block is registered, did you submit the final piece of the puzzle?

Trash and Recycling Collection Form

This form MUST be submitted by Wednesday, April 2nd in order for the city to know where they need to go to pick up your trash!

Keep an eye out for an email from the Streets Department for your supplies! You will receive an email the week of March 24th which will contain a voucher for your supplies. 

Supplies can be picked up Monday 3/31 through Friday 4/4 at 3033 S. 63rd Street from 7am to 6pm.

You must have your voucher and ID to pick up supplies.

If you anticipate not being able to pick up your cleaning supplies, let us know, perhaps we can combine efforts with other neighbors!


BroomSo, your block is what?

You and your neighbors should join NNA along with NBCDC and NCA at the Taproom on 19th (19th & Ritner St) to find out what all those acronyms stand for and enjoy a snack and a beverage!


BroomDon't forget

All trash must be bagged on your street corner no later than 2pm on Saturday April, 5th. All bags will be considered trash unless labeled otherwise.

 This year the city has expanded its clean up initiative to include compost!

Please bag your trash, recycling and compostable materials separately in appropriately marked bags.

To make the day run as smoothly as possible, below you'll find links to important information about the logistics for the Philly Spring Cleanup.

Spring Cleanup Overview
Safety Guidelines



Zoning Meeting March 26th 6:30 Reed Street  Presbyterian Apartments

March 2014 Zoning Meeting  Join NNA’s Planning & Zoning Committee for 
a voting meeting to gather feedback from the 
community about the following applications 
1618-22 Mifflin St – Application is for: 
1) Erect a roof deck (for residential use only, to be set back anywhere from 12'-
10" to 17'-1" from all sides of the building) above the existing third floor roof
(top of roof deck only 1'-5" above the third floor roof),
2) Extend an existing stair tower/pilot house (max. 6 foot extension to a max.
height not to exceed 48 feet) to enclose stairs (and only stairs) for access to and
egress from the proposed roof deck,
3) Install an externally illuminated, static, non-digital, double-faced building
identification sign (4.9 square feet per side, total of 9.8 square feet both sides,
with only the subject premises' street number/address) and a 3'-8" projecting
trellis along both the Mifflin and Chadwick Street sides of the subject premises,
4) Renovate the interior of the existing three-story, 42'-4" tall building for use
as nine (9) residential dwelling units.
Refusal is for:
The Department issued a notice of refusal in response to the aforementioned
zoning permit application, citing that 1) the proposed use of the property for
multifamily household living is not permitted given that the subject property is
zoned I-2 (Industrial), and 2) that five (5) off-street parking spaces are required
for the proposed residential use and none are being provided/proposed.
1305 Chadwick St. – Application is for: 
The erection of an attached three (3) story single family dwelling with a cellar, 
and a rooftop deck accessed by an open stair (size and location to be as shown
in the application).

Refusal is for:
The proposed plan does not meet minimum requirements for rear yard depth or
open area.

1324-30 Chadwick St. – Application is for:

Refusal is for:
The proposed plan does not meet minimum requirements for open area.

General Meeting Tomorrow

March Agenda

  • General Meeting - Call to Order
  • Introductions
  • Adoption of Agenda
  • Officer Reports
  • Committee Reports
    • Cleaning & Greening
      • Next meeting: April 9th, email for location
      • Earth Day Celebration/Cleaning at G.W. Childs April 26th
      • City Wide Clean Up on Saturday, April 5th from 10am - 2pm
    • Webmaster and Technology
      • Next Meeting: Coordinating with committees
    • Public Safety
      • PSA Meetings: 4/15 (1st PPD PSA 1), 4/17 (17th PPD PSA 3), 4/24 (17th PPD PSA 1),
      • Lights on campaign
      • Block Captain meeting for the 17th District: Tuesday, April 8th @5:30 pm
      • 17th District Town Watch meeting: Thursday, April 10th @6:00 pm
    • Planning & Zoning
      • Next meeting:  March 26th
      • Past results
    • Community Outreach
      • Next meeting: April 2nd Di Nics. 1528 Snyder Ave
      • Upcoming activities
  • New Business
    • Clarifi -  Free financial services
    • CSA Update
    • Open board positions
      • Education committee
      • Webmaster/Technology Committee
  • Adjourn
  • Post Meeting Meet and Greet - Boot and Saddle